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    I was hoping that I could have some tips/advice to strengthen my profile. I have completed my freshman year of highschool...

    -4.6 Weighted GPA
    -4.0 Unweighted GPA
    -2 Semesters of Honor Roll
    Honors World History A, A
    Spanish I A, A+
    P.E. A, A
    Honors English I A, A
    Honors Alg II A, A
    Biology A, A

    2 HEF Awards (Best grades in Spanish and Biology in class for semester 2)
    Will take Honors/Many AP classes in the 3 years to come.
    -My class ranking is around 10-15 out of 1050

    J.V. Water Polo
    J.V. Swim (Only been doing this for a couple months, and I still have 3 years to earn Varsity letters)

    Cadet Staff Sergeant (E-6) with an Army Cadet Unit in California (Run by former military vets, one of who was a SGM in the Army who tought at West Point and was a life long Ranger. We specialize in Ranger Tactics and our Corps does not offer officer posititons. I am the highest ranking cadet with about 35 cadets in the program.)
    Fire Explorer with my city's Fire Department. We meet twice a month, plus community service for our city and the surrounding areas. We practice and learn everything about the job, ex. Search and Rescue with gas masks, turnouts, and the whole nine yards. I will be getting my ride along certificate within the next few months, which allows me to do 12 hour shifts with the Fire Dept, which includes going on all of the calls.
    Member of CSF (California Scholastic Federation) which is a program where you must maintain great grades and do community service. We are required to do 20 hours by the time we graduate, which is the bare minimum.
    I am not apart of the National Honor Society, due to the fact that the earliest you are allowed to apply is 10th grade, but am trusting on my grades, Sports, ECs, that I will get in and run for an officer position.
    Also, since I am one of the 4 highest ranking cadets in my Cadet Corps, I was granted with the opportunity to attend and complete SCUBA school, which I did in April. We have our own Ranger School for our cadets (we call it Raider School because my SGM believes only Rangers should wear the tab) which I completed. It was 9 months long. I also have an opportunity to attend Recondo School with another Cadet program. My cadet program is not like any JROTC program out there. We do patrols in the dead of night, we learn the whole Ranger handbook, we have the rubber duckies with the Beretta 9 mills.

    I keep records of all of my awards, Fire meetings, Unit drills and anything important. If I continue to do well in class, excell and make varsity, team captain, keep ranking up in my ECs, assume officer positions and excell on the SATs and ACTs, how will I match up to the other cadets in general? My Fire/Army units all stress physical greatness. For both I have annual PT tests. I just hope that West Point sees all of the commitments that I have, and by the time I will be applying they will be under my belt for atleast 3 years, not 4 months, as many are trying to do during early of their Junior Year. I also know that West Point wishes leadership and success in less activities than mere participation in more.

    I will greatly appreciate any tips. I have the USMA Admissions page memorized verbatum :biggrin:

    Thank you very much,

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