To early to give up ?


Jan 24, 2017
I finished my application in November last year. Is it to early to count out acceptance to the AFA? My CFA scores were moderate
Bball: 80
Pull ups: 16
Push ups: 59
Sit ups: 72
Shuttle: 8:22
Mile: 7:01
I have above average gpa and test scores but I did not list many extracurriculars since they weren't all options on the portal resume form. I am thinking about paying a deposit for Penn State as it is March and I haven't heard anything. Any thoughts?
Normally deposits aren't due until May 1 at most colleges. I would continue to wait to send the deposit if that's possible. You're still in the running until you get a negative replay from AFA... so yes, it is too early to count out acceptance to AFA.
Actually, on the note of deposits...

As I understand it, some civilian colleges may revoke an offer of admission if they learn that you have payed a deposit to another college. I have paid a deposit to my main plan B college to reserve my spot and so I could fill out a housing application early. Will USAFA know/care about this? Is this something worth emailing my admissions counselor about?

I haven't been offered an appointment or rejected yet, I'm still waiting to hear from USAFA.
USAFA will not care if you have paid a deposit or accepted admission elsewhere for Plan B.
We recd nomination from MOC, waiting on DodMerb waiver for ADHD and AFA to let us know something........
Meant to ask this question, if you have a nomination to 2 SA's and all else looks good on app, but are awaiting a Med waiver, when is the give up point? and does getting a nomination not really stand on its merit? I know its required, but what kind of weight do they bear? Is it practically guaranteed? but if you need a waiver, your out? Already accepted to VMI and The Citadel.
Waivers are not guaranteed. If you need a waiver, you are not out. A waiver will be considered. Keep in mind that the entire purpose is so that you do not become a burden to the other troops in the field and it's not a personal thing. Good luck with your waiver.
According to Raptor22, his admissions counselor told him that all of the USAFA appointments will be made by April 20th. Don't give up until USAFA sends the TWE but note that last year 7 in the 2020 appointment thread were offered appointments After receiving the TWE. In the meantime, work on or solidify your contingency plans. Cross fingers, pray or do whatever brings you luck, grace or blessings!