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    As you make your last preparations for Beast, is there any advise you could give 2020 (and younger) concerning Admissions ?

    Good luck and let us hear from you when you are officially a Cadet! :thumb:
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    Do everything as its laid out for you, if someone offers good advice take it. Don't stress over acceptance. Keep preparing physically even after the CFA worst case scenario you come out fitter and stronger than before acceptance or not. Communicate, and communicate some more with your RC, FFR, and nomination sources. Work on your ACT and take it every available time and study your heart out for it. Don't let yourself get discouraged by something along the way. Do everything as fast and perfectly as possible. Learn to interview well and ask for any advice on improving you file from your RC and FFR. Stick with it to the end. That's all I have
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    Much appreciated, thank you.:)
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    I've been on these forums since 8th grade and have used them as a tool to stay on track and go into the process educated. The process is long and irritating but getting the news of an appointment is the greatest feeling ever.
    I went to a newish high school where very few students had even applied to an SA and it was at times frustrating trying to explain what needed to be done for application (nomination process, explaining why I couldn't just use the Common App). It doesn't matter where you go to high school as long as you take advantage of the opportunities available. Standardized testing is a pain and was one of my weakness. Start prep early and don't be afraid to take the test numerous times (you can take the ACT 12 times). Don't just focus your highschool carrer on getting in because it flies by and you don't want to be stuck in a club/sport that you dislike. Enjoy your senior year and don't get too caught up in the process. Feel free to PM me up until Sunday afternoon.