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    Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys seized Fort Ticonderoga on May 10th 1775. Not only was this one of the early seminal moments of the American Revolution, but it produced one of the great quotes of history when Ethan Allen demanded the surrender of the fort "In the Name of the Great God Jehovah and the Continental Congress!" Later in the winter of 1775 , Ticonderoga became the source of the cannon that Henry Knox dragged across the Berkshires to mount on Dorchester Heights , which caused the British to evacuate Boston on March 17th 1776.

    If you are ever in th eLake George/ Adirondacs area of upstate NY - go visit Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point- it's fully restored and is really an interesting place that played a critical role in early American history.
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    Don't forget Fort William Henry. Some may remember it from the surrender and massacre in Last of the Mohegans. Beautiful view up the lake.

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