Too bad they didn't do this 10 years ago

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by bruno, Jun 14, 2013.

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    Congress finally rectifying what is one of the all time great military stupidities- the Camouflage Free for all. (BTW-the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is all wet- the Marines didn't have their own camo pattern for > 20 years and everyone still knew who they were as an organization and they didn't seem the worse for it. They will survive sharing what is clearly the best pattern of the bunch.) What an episode- the Army picked a Universal Camo pattern that failed to camouflage virtually universally- it doesn't work in any environment, the AF being the AF picked a pattern that was all about looking good but has no utility, and the Navy might be the dumbest of all- they threw out a uniform (dungarees) that had worked for 100 years, camouflaged themselves as water should they fall overboard, and which melts when exposed to fire (which of course no one to happen aboard a warship :rolleyes: ) I'm just amazed that the Coast Guard didn't join the fun so that we had a clean sweep.
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    Better late than never but our leaders will forever be responsible for failing to help protect servicemembers' lives, putting ego and pride before their subordinates, and they should live with that shame. Really glad to hear this good news

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