Aug 14, 2017
I have been focusing my application on USNA, but only recently am seriously considering applying NROTC as well.

I know that the first board has already met, and the second board is about to meet very soon.

If I finish the application/documents and have my officer interview within a week or two, what are my chances of still receiving a scholarship? I heard most of the scholarships are awarded in the first board.

My question is, is it even worth applying for NROTC this late (I might miss the second board too), or should I just go to college in the fall and see if I can sign up for the college program?

Thank you.
Yes, it's worth applying. There are 10 NROTC boards I believe. My DD was offered an NROTC scholarship on the 10th board, in late spring 2017.
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Yes, it's worth applying. There are 10 NROTC boards I believe. My DD was offered an NROTC scholarship on the 10th board, in late spring 2017.

Thank you. And when did she apply?

All of her applications were in by Nov 01 2016. She applied to nursing schools, therefore she had to do early action. Please note I changed spring 2016 to spring 2017 in my first reply to you.
Definitely worth applying. I'm not sure where you heard most scholarships are awarded in the first board, but I have actually heard the opposite; that the majority of scholarships are awarded in the later boards, once all the applications are in and have been reviewed. Either way, there are boards about once a month and scholarships are awarded at each board. If you are not awarded a scholarship the first time your application is reviewed, you are rolled over to the next board for another look. This continues until you are either awarded a scholarship or rejected. It seems like rejections started coming out around February or March this last year. Get it in as soon as you can, but be sure it it complete before submitting. Better to miss a board than to submit a hastily prepared application that does not fully represent your qualifications.
There are 10 scholarship boards scheduled this year for NROTC Navy option. The first one was cancelled, and the second one (effectively the first one now) is this week. They aim to give out a fairly consistent number each board, but the later boards tend to have a larger number of selected students. There is absolutely no reason not to apply at this point- the deadline is still over three months away!!
My son finished his interview/application in January and was awarded a 4 year scholarship in March. Apply!!

Good luck!
My DS finished his application in early January and he did not have his officer interview until February and he was awarded a scholarship. NROTC will hold back enough scholarships so they can award scholarships to those that submit their applications near the deadline. Submit your application and good luck.
It's certainly never too late as long as you meet all deadlines. My DD completed her NROTC - Nurse Option application and officer interview the last week of January 2017 and was awarded a 4-year scholarship in the last week of April.