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    At the risk of being labeled a troll, which I freely agree and wear that badge proudly. I feel this information is important when choosing a college and life after college. Service Academies are not for everyone. Many who are seeking an appointment, and find out quickly, they made a mistake and need to re-invent themselves. Here is a comparison of wages from the different colleges. I feel those who seek to graduate from a serve academy are not looking for "big bucks" but rather have a strong desire to serve and contribute to the future of our country as a whole. For this, no business can pay you enough, and I'm not just referring to a monetary reward.


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    Ha! Makes you wonder about the folks who turned down USNA because they had been accepted by the prestigious MIT.
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    The statement that says graduates from the USNA make $80,700.00 within their first 5 years is a little misleading since the graduates all have a 5 year service commitment. Since the pay is the same among all services (Base Pay) this statement would be true for all the service academies. That 80K within the first 5 years is not due to the education they receive, it's because of the pay they all receive for their service obligation. All 4 service academies should be listed the same for the pay chart within 5 years, their base pay is equal among all the branches. Makes you wonder who researches these charts.

    The pay they reference after 10 years is a skewed average as well since many of these service academy grads are still in the military.
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    I was thinking the same thing about the numbers, things that could affect the pay are BAH (does Navy have higher BAH locations vs Air Force), Sea Pay, additional pay during deployment, flight pay, and etc.

    Not sure if the median is right metric for SA graduates as pretty much all SA graduate will make similar amounts of money first 5 years, whereas say from an Ivy college, we could have a liberal arts major making $40K vs finance/engineer making close to $100K.
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    The charts do not include "Active Service Members"....

    So for USMA, USNA, and USAFA (I assume they ignored USCGA).... instead of a 21 year old graduate going out into the real world and making some money, they're talking about someone going out in the real-world, POST-service. And if we're giving that a 5-year range.... we're not talking a 21-26 year old fresh out of college, we're talking a 26-31 year old fresh out of service.

    Of course, without knowing how the "5 years out" applies, I'd wonder if a 30 year active duty vet, five years out fo a career would count too.

    If they're talking consecutive years after graduation from a service academy, what kind of handful of folks are they selecting that didn't serve out their commitment?

    And where is USCGA and especially USMMA?

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