Total Number of Midshipmen Commissioning as Ensigns

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    I have seen various comments about how many Midshipmen commission from one NROTC program to the next or at one school or another and I thought I would try to determine the total number. Hope this is accurate and useful. I'm sorry that I could not get the tables to line up for easy reading.

    Fy14 FY15 FY16

    Admiral (O10) 9 9 9
    Vice Admiral (O9) 37 37 36
    Rear Admiral (UH) (O8) 67 67 64
    Rear Admiral (LH) (O7) 116 118 112
    Captain (O6) 3,255 3,218 3,256
    Commander (O5) 6,774 6,807 6,769
    Lieutenant Commander (O4) 10,756 10,770 10,885
    Lieutenant (O3) 18,197 18,509 18,565
    Lieutenant (JG) (O2) 6,481 6,591 6,934
    Ensign (O1) 6,750 6,662 6,772

    From the 6,772 Ensigns in FY 16 and considering it takes 2 years as a Ensign to make Lt/JG. This would mean roughly half are new Ensigns (3,331) and half are 1 year Ensigns (3,331). From the USNA 790 Midshipmen graduated as Ensigns in 2015, this leaves 2,541 at all other schools (156) Averaging 16 commissions per school per year. SMC's produce around 24-37 per school and the Ivy's produce 3 per year. I would also estimate that half of the non-USNA Mids are 4-yr scholarship awards (1,270).

    To Grade

    LTJG 2 Years
    LT 4 Years
    LCDR 9 to 11 Years
    CDR 15 to 17 Years
    CAPT 21 to 23 Years

    Navy Personnel
    Active Duty:
    Officers: 54,644
    Enlisted: 268,435
    Midshipmen: 3,325
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    Other non-USNA sources include OCS, enlisted commissioning programs and direct commission programs for some staff corps.
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    I would say that the OCS route, if like the AF, it could be @500 a year that come through this route. The AF is even smaller than the Navy, thus, it could be even more. I would say 50% is probably a closer number of how many come out of the ROTC path.
    ~ AF publishes the # picked up on the OCS board. They have 4 boards a year (2 non-rated and 2 rated), so, if you can find the Navy's OCS board results you will be able to get a better grasp on how many actually commission via ROTC.

    I am not disagreeing with the # of 4 year scholarship that commission, just the way it reads to me from a statistical perspective. It reads to me that 50% of ROTC are on 4 year scholarship during the program.

    Traditionally it runs less than 20% for incoming mids. If like AFROTC by the time of commissioning 50% were on scholarship because many of the mids/cadets that are not on scholarship leave along the way due to how the program is set up. From what I know, and I can be wrong, if the mid as a junior is not contracted they will be disenrolled. Thus, many leave which than changes the make up of the pool. The 20% stat increases because the pool size decreased.
    ~ Only pointing that out because I would not lurkers or candidates starting the scholarship process to think they have a 50-50 shot as a HS senior of receiving the scholarship. Their true chance of getting a 4 year scholarship is way lower.
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