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    1. Our state has 11 districts and 2 senators, does that mean 13 qualified candidates can be appointed?

    2. In case 2 qualified candidates from the same district are equally competitive and the academy wants both of them, can one get the senator's slot and one get the congressman's slot?

    3. If a recruited athletic already has the LOA and nomination, does that mean no one from the same district can have that slot before being put to the national pool?

    4. What does it mean if one candidate doesn't get congressman's nomination but attain a senator's nomination?
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    Each MOC can have up to 5 cadets/midshipmen at each academy. If, for example, they all have 2 cadets at AFA right at this moment, then there is still room for 39 appointments. The MOC can nominate up to 10 candidates per vacancy. They are not limited to 1 appointment per year, either.

    As stated above, more than one candidate can be appointed from the same district through the same member of Congress, be it a senator or a representative.

    As stated above, more than one candidate can be appointed from the same district.

    Then that candidate would proceed as normally as he/she would if he/she was the recipient of a congressman's nomination. They don't carry different weights. A nomination is a nomination.

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