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    My DS received a 3-year AD AROTC scholarship and would like to transfer it to Seton Hall University, to which he has been accepted and has received a decent merit scholarship. He is still waitlisted at the first school that he put on his application (that he likely will receive no merit money), and at this point, he would rather have a decision made. We are still praying for a USAFA appointment, but need to get the Plan B in place!
    I know before requesting the transfer he first has to accept the scholarship, but does anyone know how likely it is that the transfer would be allowed?

    TIA! :)
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    Critcally depends on Seton Hall's AROTC scholarship numbers. Your transfer depends on the availability of open slots. Contact the ROO at Seton Hall and discuss the possibilities.

    Of course I'm unsure if the ROO is really interested in giving up a slot to a plan B candidate who is very likely going to go USAFA if the opportunity lands at her feet.

    Tread carefully.
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