Transferring as a Contracted Scholarship Cadet


Jul 30, 2015

I am a 3 year AD scholarship cadet into the 2nd semester of my Sophomore year. When I got the scholarship, there were two schools that I had to decide between, **current school** and Embry Riddle Daytona beach. The decision was very tough for me, but I ended up choosing **current school** for its ROTC program and proximity to parents. With my junior year and branching approaching, I am starting to regret that decision. **current school** is a great school, and I couldn't ask for a better ROTC program, but I am a computer science major with hopes of getting into military intelligence or cyber security for the Army. Embry riddle has CS degrees specifically tailored to these areas of interest; Homeland Security and Cyber Security Engineering, while **current school** only has a general computer science degree (which to me, is pretty uninspiring so far considering the concentrations I desire.)

The degrees aren't the only reason for my consideration (though they are the biggest reason). I also have family an hour away from Embry Riddle that I really would like to spend time with before I commission.

My questions are: is attempting to transfer worth it? Would it even be feasible considering the cost difference between the two schools (I could only transfer if my scholarship transferred with me)? Also, I am currently selected and getting ready for CULP. Would a transfer request mess with that? And finally, if my transfer got denied, would my current PMS think I'm not dedicated to the program?

If it helps, I have a current GPA of 3.87, and Embry Riddle Army ROTC originally offered me a campus based scholarship (I didn't get the national scholarship for ERAU).

I wanted to ask here before I approached anyone with the idea, as I'm not sure how my command would react.
Thank you for the help!

**Personal information removed on request**
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