Transferring from Rotc Scholarship To USNA

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    I have a quick and small question. If you accept the NROTC scholarship can you transfer to the naval academy the next year or are you obligated to stay with the scholarship for all 4 years?
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    You can be released from all NROTC scholarship obligations if you receive an appointment to USNA. However, the term "transfer" is not correct as you will start over as a plebe at USNA.

    Back in 2015, my DS declined to reapply to USNA, as a college ROTC freshman, because it would have taken an additional year to commission if he were fortunate enough to receive an appointment.

    For more info, here is an old thread that may be helpful.
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    Short answer..absolutely. This happens alot.

    Longer answer - Participating in NROTC gives you another potential nomination source. I would however, caution against joining NROTC with the attitude that you are simply doing so as a stepping stone to USNA. I usually advise candidates to hit the deck running, make an great first impression, and then quietly talk to your chain of command about recommendations and support in your USNA application. I have heard anecdotal stories about the NROTC unit having some animosity (perhaps a little strong a word) toward persons leaving for USNA , as if NROTC is perceived as something lesser than USNA. This is absolutely not the case, as they are two very different paths to the same result (commissioning), and the emphasis should be on opportunities that USNA has that the host college does not, rather than USNA being a better path to commissioning.