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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by nrotctier3, Oct 29, 2017.

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    Hello, I'm currently a 4/C Marine Option Midshipman at a unit in a midwest. I am not in-state, and recently have been considering returning to my home state. This is because my mother is experiencing health complications, and I'd rather be 30 minutes away instead of 700 miles away when a problem occurs. However, the university I am looking to transfer into does not have a NROTC unit, which means I will have to switch from NROTC-MO to Army ROTC. I am currently not on scholarship, which probably makes things a whole lot easier.

    How would I transfer to the Army ROTC unit there, and who should I contact? How should I go about the whole thing? Can I apply for the Army 4-year ROTC scholarship as a first semester freshman?
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    The 1st part is easy. Apply to the in-state school you want to go to and once you get accepted, transfer over there. In the meantime, contact the AROTC cadre at the school you intend to transfer to and ask them the exact same questions you've asked here. Since you're not on scholarship, I imagine it will be a pretty seamless deal.
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    Agree with K2.

    The best person to reach out to, would be the AROTC Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) at the school you are transferring to.

    Plus once you sign up as a "walk-on" you can work hard and earn a campus based 3 year AROTC scholarship.

    My DS began as a non-scholarship Army ROTC cadet after being turned down by USNA and his local school did not offer NROTC. He earned an on-campus scholarship within the first few months as a freshman. He is now an MS-III, on Dean's list and will commission in 2019.

    Here's to hoping all works out for your mom's health and your education.