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    Can someone please help with this question. How do the cadets (4/cs currently) get from the academy to their cutter and then to the Eagle which will be over in Europe. Do they have to make their own flight arrangements? I looked up one way flights to Europe and I must say that they are very expensive. Will the cadets get the exact date and times that they have to report and most importantly where? Thank you all so much.
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    We have already filled out Summer Travel Forms with Cadet Admin, they are the ones who book all of the flights to Eagle and to our cutter/station. As for our flight home, we can arrange our own flights and be reimbursed or fly back to the Academy and they can arrange a flight home. Dates are already, for the most part, set in stone.

    All of the travel information had to be turned in before Spring Break. I would say that Cadet Admin is now working on flights and such for both 4/c and 2/c.

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