Travel Hockey Vs Highschool

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by 2Steaktacos, Jul 28, 2011.

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    I played Varsity Hockey my sophomore year of highschool-I was the only sophomore (I was the youngest) and we won our league. Since I was the youngest one on my team playing against older and bigger players it was still good experience.

    Before playing highschool hockey I played travel hockey. My highschool experience was less than my travel hockey experience (this is typical in my area). the High school level in my area has less practices, less skill, less commitment, less coaching. Highschool is no cut-travel is extensive cuts.

    Next year, for my Jr. year of highschool I am considering switching back to travel hockey-which is not Highschool-so no Varsity letter. Travel hockey in our area is considered far more intense and elite than highschool hockey. Even though my sports will be more demanding, physical, intense-no Varsity letter. However, will not getting that Varsity letter my Jr. year cause me a problem with a nomination/appointment?

    (btw just to clarify-im not anticipating playing D1 Hockey at West Point)
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    My daughter received an appointment to the Class of 2015 and she was recruited for her sport which was not offered in her high school. She did not receive a varsity letter but most coaches/service academies realize that if you are playing a club sport you are very committed. I have a hockey background and have coached at the travel level. If you want to play D1, D2 or even D3 hockey I would go where the coaching and the competition is and that is travel. Good luck this season and stay healthy!

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