Triple Q'd letter to interview


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Aug 22, 2008
Should I bring the letter that I am triple qualified to my MOC interviews or are they already updated with the information by the Academy

Also, I'm expecting to be asked during the interview "why West Point". I have been asked the same question by other people and when I answer "I want to be an Army officer and I feel that by attending West Point I will gain the expertise and knowledge to make me the best officer I am capable of being". I just get a dumb look and an "okay"... is this really that bad of a answer because this is what I truely feel?
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Your answer is trite. It sounds like it came out of a book.

One does not "attend" West Point. One embarks on a 47 month journey of military, academic and physical training. It is a lifestyle and a job.
Just knowing that West Point will make you the best officer you can be isn't enough to get you through.

Somehow you have to show that you understand what West Point is all about and why you are suited to completing the "journey".

What is it you think you will like about West Point? The academics and the academic opportunities? The Athletics experience? That every cadet is an athlete?
The military training that includes Beast and beyond? The amazing opportunites for summer training?
thats what I was kind of thinking, no my answer did not come out of a book but I understand what you are talking about... thank you. I will try to not simply sound like a robot listing off answers, but rather a more emotional and individual response, thanks again.
Don't be afraid to sound individual. If there is something really special you like about West Point then say it - it could be academic - a certain major, a military club, an athletic opportunity - whatever it is it shows you have learned about West Point and it's all good.

My question for you is - why do you really want to go to West Point?
How did you first learn about it and what has you intrigued or motivated to attend and graduate?
I definently want to go to West Point. I first went when I was three years old and have wanted to become a cadet and eventually an officer nearly all of my life.
the question is

whats so special about sweating and rolling around in the mud all day long under the blaring sun when you could be sitting in a nice air conditioned room with all the comforts of home?

whats so great about being told what to do all day long when you could just make all those decisions yourself?

why serve others making little pay getting shot at when you could be making millions serving yourself on wall street and have every luxury you could ever want?

i know why i want to go to westpoint. its because i believe that every american has the right to live the life they see fit for themselves, that they should live with the freedom from fear and want. somebody has to roll in the mud all day long so the investment banker can freely do as he chooses, i'll be the one to give him or her that freedom.

whats so special about being an army officer? think about it. if your into the parades and prestige...thats great, but you won't be thinking about that when the tough stuff really goes down. best of luck
LOA and nomination

Does anyone know what happens to a kid that has an LOA but does not get a nomination? does the academy find/get one for them?
Does anyone know what happens to a kid that has an LOA but does not get a nomination? does the academy find/get one for them?

There is no one answer and, basically, it depends. As a GENERAL rule, if you get an LOA and make legitimate efforts to get a nom but don't get one, a SA will find a place for you. An example might be someone in a district where all three MOCs won't give noms to people with LOAs (rare, but could happen).

However, there are exceptions. First, if you make no effort to obtain a nom (i.e., don't apply to all for which you're eligible), don't count on the SA finding one for you. Second, LOAs are often given out before your BGO interview so if you truly fall on your face (i.e., tell the BGO that the only reason you're going to a SA is to make your parents happy), that could bode poorly. And I'm sure there are some other examples. Rare, but they do occur.

Thus, don't assume an LOA is the end of the process. It's a great beginning of the end, but not the end in itself.
I received a LOA and I am on edge. My first two interviews didn't go great, and I missed the deadline for the VP Nomination. I did not receive a nom from my Congressman/Senator, could I still get one somehow?
Honestly, packermatt7 how did you miss the VP deadline and didn't you read all the threads stressing the importance of applying to the VP?

Anyway - what is done is done. Don't even waste a minute worrying. More than likely you will get a nomination. It is out of your control right now.
I don't know, but I'm very disappointed with myself because of it. It snunk up on me and I was so wrapped up in the Congressional ones that it slipped my mind. Irresponsible, yes. But I've learned from it.
Packermatt - are you saying you did not get your noms or did you mean "IF I don't get my noms..."?
I haven't heard back from my Senator and Congressman yet (Interviews were 2 weeks ago). I still have my other Senator interview coming up. I did not get the VP Nom sent out in time.
I don't think Senators get word out till later. Probably around 3 weeks. So packermatt, I think you're good. I wouldn't worry about it. I also haven't heard from my senators. I did hear from my congressman within a week of the interview. This may have been because he was running for the Senate (He had the upper hand in getting elected, so he probably wanted to get it out of the way).

Don't lose faith!
Packermatt - did your MOC's let you know when you will hear?

When my daughter interviewed she had the interviews the first two weeks in Nov, heard from the Senator in mid-Dec and her Congressman called personally the Sunday before Christmas - both years.

Keep in mind they do have until January 31st. Hang in there. Relax. Study.:wink:
My Congressman's secretary said that it would be about 2 weeks. On the website it says about 3 weeks. It has been 3 weeks and one day now.