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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by armydaughter, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Apr 18, 2012
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    My son took the CFA last week but instead of entering the information on-line, the PE teacher gave the form back to DS. It's completely filled-out and signed. He has been a little flakey all through this process (the PE teacher, not my son :wink:). Does DS need to give it back to him and insist he enter it the "right" way or can he just send it directly to WP? If the latter, does it go to the RC or someone else?
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    Sending it to the RC should work. From my experience (as a tester), doing it online is the best way as it will appeared on the candidate portal almost immediately and you don't have to wait for someone in the admissions office to do a manula input.

    Your DS just need to check his candidate portal regulary after he sends in his CFA form to make sure it didn't get "lost."
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    I concur with MemberLG - if the PE Teacher has signed the form, Admissions will take it - do the fax route...and yes - it might take a few days for it to get posted to your son's portal - just have your son stay on top of it. Although Admissions has its requirements, they are not going to let your son "fall through the crack"

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