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    From looking at various website on 25th to 75th percentile ACT scores, I see that AF seems to require higher scores overall; is this a correct statement or too general?

    my personal grades

    act composite- 28

    math- 31
    eng- 28 with essay hleping
    science- 26-pathetic
    reading- 27

    my 28 seems to be about atr the 50 percentile range for USNA and USMA
    but falls into the 25th percentile range for AF
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    Are you referring to higher scores than the other military academies? If so that's the way that college board seems to make it look. I also have a friend who was looking into applying to both Annapolis and USAFA, she was basically told that her scores were not high enough for USAFA, however Annapolis has not seemed to have an issue with her test scores. I don't know about the other academies or a general statement just her personal situation and what college board presents.
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    A big difference is that USAFA looks at all ACT test scores, where USNA looks only at Math and English, so someone with a 30 English, 32 Math, 27 Science, 24 CR would look great to USNA with a 30 and 32, but the 24 CR would hurt them with USAFA, so USAFA requires higher scores over all, because Navy only looks at the two, which may skew the data lower for Navy.
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    Falcon chic is correct to be deemed competitive for the AFA you need higher than a 24 CR on your ACT. However, not everyone takes the ACT, many take just the SAT and they have set a min of 490V for that.

    The reality is the SA's have the same system for WCS. 60% is PAR. Don't wrap yourself around the SAT scores, or gpa avg. You could be Einstein and rejected by either because you are not well rounded.

    Finally, let's remember what the AFA is commonly referred as..."the little engineering school in the rockies". :rolleyes:
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    My experience with the application process to all 5 academies is that standardized test scores matter a lot to ALL of them; however, they are not the complete package. Every academy focuses on a total person concept, which, although heavily weighted by test scores, means someone's outstanding leadership abilities, or athletic abilities, or high school grades and class rigor can outweigh slightly lower test scores. None of the academies have a formula for getting in. For example, while USAFA may have higher standardized test scores averages for appointees, it is my understanding that USMA tends to look standardized test scores more than USAFA for LOAs, which is a reason they tend to go out earlier.

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