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Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by Next Generation, Jun 17, 2016.

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    Jan 5, 2016
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    So the TWE (The Worst Email) just came out. It would be awesome if it was a last-minute appointment for some of the waitlisters! But alas, not for her...

    DD checked her portal, and the letter there mentions other commissioning programs, but does not mention reapplying. She had been planning to mirror first year USCGA courses, beef up every part of her application, and reapply. Is there a "message" being sent in this letter to not bother reapplying?
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    Apr 2, 2016
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    If DD still wants it, she should reapply. They must have thought good of your DD to put her on the wait list to begin with.
    At end of day, even with reapplication, still no guarantee but no reapplication means no chance.
    My DS got same message but he wants to give it another go - 2021 here we go.
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    Sorry to hear, but follow through with Plan B. If reapplying is the goal, than make sure her freshman year course load mimics that of a freshman at the academy. Every year there are several applicants who reapply and are successful.
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    I don't believe there is a "hidden" message there. They are just pointing out other routes to commissioning. As Grevar says, if reapplying is the goal, make sure to mirror the first year curriculum as best as possible. The courses can be found in the course catalog at
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