TWE scare....

Looks good! Work on the ACT math score, but appears that he has a strong resume.
Yes. A LoA does come in a TWE. Last year my son got a call from Admissions telling him it was on the way.

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My sons has
Top 25% in class
Takes AP-Calc and AP-physics
President of his junior class (running again for senior year)
Boy State Delegate
Student Council
Life guard
Varsity football and Wrestln
Captain of wrestling team
Volunteers at local nursing home

He attended his CVW and loved it. He is medically qualified
Also he has been to wrestling camps and wrestling matches since Freshman year once he decided he wanted to do this.
The only set back is his ACT is 25 math 22 english. Sat 1600 (he is tkn again and tutoring)

Does anyone know if this disqualifies him?

If the SAT 1600 is all 3 sections then he is probably looking at NAPS. Those test scores are probably way too low. Go to the USNA website and find the class of 2018 profile to see how he compares. If he is weak academically he will benefit from the extra year of prep as plebe year classes are tough. If he's a poor test taker, hopefully the extra help will improve his scores soon.
I do not miss mailbox stalking and anxiety over TWE! However there are plenty other emotions that have taken their place as we go thru plebe year. Last fall DS received TWE's three days in a row, the third one was LOA.

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TWE arrived today

DS received a TWE today but as md18 says, the "real" TWE won't be going out for a while so it is actually a good thing to get one at this point as LOA's also come in a TWE.

Ours was not an LOA but instead, the Oakland USNA Admissions Forum flyer for 10/11 that others in the SF region have also received.

That days is an SAT day for DS so can't go but if you haven't been to one of these, we went to last year's in San Rafael and DS said he thoroughly enjoyed it. He spoke to several BGO's, Active Duty Officers and Enlisted, parents of current Midshipmen and several Midshipmen and had many of his questions answered about the academy that day.

The regional admisions officer for the Western Region was there as well-she had come up from LA so he did get to introduce himself.

overall, it was three hours well spent.

Dad of DS
USNA co2019 hopeful.
DS just received a TWE today. He isn't here to open it yet and I can't see any words through the envelope under the light : ). Classmate just received LOA last week. Regardless, seems way too early for a real TWE.
I think every year there are a few early TWE scares! Hang in there, there is another loop on the roller coaster ahead. And real TWEs usually don't start coming out until March or so.
FYI if you applied for a VP nom, that TWE will come sometime early next year...they all get mailed out at the same time, so it's kind of a mass freak-out.
Fast505, my DS got a TWE last week here at our home (he is away at college) and he had me open it (me thinking it could be a LOA :)) and it turned out to be a USNA Admissions Flyer for an upcoming Admissions Forum in our area. My heart was beating fast for a few hours until I got permission to open the envelope. Hang in there...:)
Yes the LOA my DD received last October was a thin white envelope and she assumed it was the TWE! Good luck to all of you.
For LOAs this year, I believe it is just an e-mail notification. That is all I received as well as the other people I have talked to on this forum who have received LOAs.
Going to a business meeting and received a call from Congressional Office while driving. Pulled over and called back. Congratulations DD was appointed to USNA. I asked if he was referring to LOA which she had received. New Congress Staff knew nothing about the process. Good Luck to all but don't rely on that LOA. DD still had to go through DoDmerb after DQ. Got the TWE after initial Acceptance Now USMC Captain and I still have my Mid Store Card. Just keep it for laughs.