Has anyone received a TWE from USAFA yet?
Joeman last year they sent most TWE’s out on April 12th. Seeing that it looks like there are more selections made earlier this year then hopefully TWE’s come out sooner !
FYI....Our now C3C received a TWE on 4/7 and then a Falcon Foundation Scholarship on 4/26
Just curious, you say your C3C received the TWE and then later a Falcon even if you receive the TWE, not all hope is lost??? Or did TWE elude to Falcon opportunity?
Some will tell you that it’s never really over until the day they report. We know a kid in our town that was given TWE in April for USMA and then was called back a week before BCT and offered a spot.
Hollywood05.....yes, 3 weeks went by before the offer of a Falcon Foundation scholarship showed up in his portal! During that 3 week period, he accepted his AFROTC scholarship and we paid a deposit to Virginia Tech. It was a glorious day when that offer showed up. So, yes even after a TWE your son/daughter could receive a Falcon Foundation offer! Good luck to all waiting....