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    Traffic to the Pentagon is bad enough, but today it is worse because a suspicious vehicle was found on the ramp to it 5:50 this morning... which is of course is the start of everyone commuting. They have closed all roads to it, and you must take the Metro to get in, you can imagine it is now a human parking lot. Bullet leaves @ 6 for a 45 min commute, I am betting he probably is just getting in now.

    They have arrested one person, and searching for 2 who fled on foot. Arlington, Pentagon and Park police are all there plus the FBI. Current reports are that one suspicious device has been rendered "safe" by the bomb squad.

    Update already.

    They said the person arrested was found by the Park Police overnight at Arlington, which started the search for his automobile that was found at the Pentagon. Anyone around here knows that these two are very close. Arlington and Iwo Jima also have been closed and are being swept now with reports that suspicious devices have been found there too.
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