Unable to complete part of Admin Remedial..Help


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Oct 27, 2008
Currently I am applying at the Naval Academy and have taken the Dodmerb examinations. I have an administrative remedial to complete but I have a problem. It is about a cyst that was removed sometime before 6th grade. The remedial requires a pathology report but since my family does not remember where the removal was performed or by who I am unable to complete the remedial.

Exact Text:

R251.13 DOES NOT REQUIRE A PHYSICIAN'S APPOINTMENT: Please provide copy(ies) of pathology report(s) regarding cyst removed from upper left shoulder.

End Text

What should I do to deal with this problem?
Until Mr Mullen arrives on the scene two suggestions -
Perhaps you remember the hospital where the surgery was performed? You should be able to get the records from the hospital's records department.

Also, most of the time reports are sent to your primary physician - this would be who your pediatrician or family doctor was at the time. The pathology report could be in those records.
Pls send me your posting and full name and last 4 of SSN and we'll take a look see:thumb: