"Under DoDMERB Review"


May 29, 2018
I just created an account for DoDMERB yesterday, after USNA added my application and I entered the system. Currently, under status, it says "Under DoDMERB Review." What exactly should I do from here? I have not received any emails or correspondence of any kind. Should I just wait for now?

(Also the "Questions on the Process?" tab is leading to a 404 at the moment so I'm sorry if this question should be easily answered)
DS has been waiting since August 1 for DoDMERB to give dodmets his info so he can schedule his exam through Concorde. He has called them and it’s now just sit and wait. They claim they will do it by today. Who knows! This is the third or fourth date he was given.
My DS is in the same boat... DodMERB having computer/supervisor not available issues. DoDMET can't act until released so in a bit of limbo...
DoDMET is up and running today! My DS was able to log in, start questionnaire, and begin scheduling appointments!