Under DoDMERB Review


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Jan 6, 2019
I am a USNA applicant and my status has been "Under DoDMERB Review for months now... is this normal? when will this change? I have been to all my exams and it says I am in the database.
I'm in the same boat as you. I applied to both USCGA and USNA and had my medical exams done in September. My status for USCGA read qualified, however, my USNA status has remained at "Under DoDMERB Review" since. I was worried if I was not qualified medically that USNA would not look at my application, despite having completed everything and obtaining a nomination.

I contacted my BGO about this issue and he told me "For the DODMERB status, our system is showing that you are QUALIFIED, so there should be no concern in regards to your application." He also told me that DoDMERB is a parallel process to admissions so applications are still looked over if you have everything done in your portal and it reads "complete pending review."

I'm not sure why the DoDMERB website isn't processing that people are qualified or not. I would reach out to your BGO to ensure you have been medically qualified and it reads that way in your application.

Best of luck.
OK, that's relieving. I am so tired of this wait! I am getting so anxious.
I don't remember the USNA application medical status ever updating. My mid always had to check the actual dodmerb site for the status. They will see whatever is listed there.