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    As a highly interested junior I am trying to do the best I can to offer all that I have to make myself as competitive as possible. As I've been interacting with cadets and graduates, one of the most often advice I hear is to make myself stick out and "be unique". What exactly makes one unique? What can I do to stick out from the rest?
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    That is a great question. First, you still need to do all the great things for academics, athletics/band, varsity letters, boy/girl scouts, Boys/Girl state, team captain, club officer, class officer, etc.

    But in your leadership, you might:

    . . . look at creating or sponsoring a community service or charity event (i.e., "run for pick a worthy cause")
    . . . create a annual college scholarship program and get community donations to fund it (young girl did this at my DS' high school -- started when she was a freshman. Scholarship now established and perpetuating. She was not the recipient of this scholarship -- she got a bigger one from a top school)
    . . . write and publish a children's book
    . . . form a band and entertain at senior living centers
    . . . volunteer to help at senior living centers

    You can then use these experiences in your "remarks" section of the application and/or in your essays

    Use your own imagination on how you can lead, and give back in a unique way . . .
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    @MWM2016 has accomplishments that stand out and she has appointments to both USNA and USMA. IMHO her stats stand out and when an admissions board reads them they have no choice other that give an appointment. Do you need to be that good? NO. But if you want to stand out then...

    Here are here stats:
    Act 31: English and Reading= 34; Math and Science=28 [I took it twice and super scored]
    SAT: 2120
    15/328 in high school
    Honor Roll
    AP Scholar

    Departmental Clubs/Activities
    - Winter Cheerleading 9th; Varsity 9th
    - Cross Country 10th-12th; Junior Varsity 10th, Varsity 11th-12th
    - Track and Field 10th-12th; Junior Varsity 10th, Varsity 11th-12th
    - Student Class Officer 9th-11th
    - Student Association Officer 12th
    - National Honor and Service Society 11th-12th; Peer Tutoring 11th-12th
    - Model United Nations 10th-12th; Advanced Committee 11th-12th
    - Young Americans for Freedom 10th-12th; Secretary 10th-11th, President 12th
    - Student Athletic Advisory Council 12th; selected by head of athletics

    Community Clubs/Activities
    - New Jersey Youth Symphony 2012; Concertmaster 2012
    - Settlement Youth Orchestra 2012-2014; Concertmaster 2013-2014
    - All South Jersey Orchestra 2013-2015; Violin 2014, Assistant Principal- Violist 2015
    - MoorArts Sound of Music summer production; Violin 2014
    - Fleischer Art School; Photography 2013, Oil Painting 2014
    - Library, summer volunteer 2012-2014
    - Project PORTS, restoring oyster habitats 2012-2014
    - National Constitution Center, gallery host volunteer 2013-2016
    - Our Lady of Good Counsel String Ensemble violinist 2012-2016
    - Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center volunteer 2015-2016
    - Leader-Veteran’s Benefits and Job Expo 2015
    - Leader- Soles4Souls sneaker donation drive 2015
    - Shadowing-Moorestown Eye Associates 2015
    Burlington County Animal Association- foster parent 2015-2016

    - Personalized Learning Instructor-Kumon 2013
    - Paid Internship- Let Freedom Ring 2014
    - Counter Service- Maurizio’s Bistro 2014-2016


    - Presidential Service Award; Bronze (100+ service hours), Silver (175+ hours), Gold (250+ hours)
    - New Jersey Girls State; Samsung American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship National Finalist
    - Certificate of Participation; West Point U.S. Military Academy Summer Leader’s Experience,
    U.S. Air Force Academy Summer Seminar, U.S. Coast Guard Academy Introduction Mission
    - Union League of Philadelphia Good Citizenship Award
    Daughters of American Revolution Good Citizenship Award
    Coca-Cola National Scholars Program semi-finalist; awaiting regional results
    - Wendy High School Heisman school winner
    - American Legion Burlington County Oratorical Contest winner
    - Military Child of the Year semi-finalist; awaiting national results
    - Congressional Proclamation, awarded by Congress MacArthur for Veterans Benefit and Job Expo
    - Coin of Superior Performance, awarded by Adjutant General of NJ Army National Guard for Veteran Expo
    - Fourth Place: Let Freedom Ring National Essay Contest
    - Merit Scholarship-Young Americans for Freedom National Leadership Conference
    - Most Promising Student- High School Orchestra/Ensemble
    - Scholarship Recipient- Sounds of Young Philadelphia
    - South Jersey Magazine Girl Power Series- featured girls accomplishing great things

    I maxed push ups and sits ups for the fitness test. I got 7:00 on the mile and did 4 pull ups and 9.5 shuttle run.

    Copied from

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