Untold History-The Man Who Really (possibly) First Broke the Sound Barrier

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    Some coincidental facts only I'm afraid, but very plausible. Must've been a lot of fun to be at Edwards AFB in the late 40's...You probably couldn't wait to get to work...or the club!;)


    However, the article states that 2nd Lt George Welch was awarded a Medal of Honor and a Distinguished Service Cross flying in the US Army Air Force prior to being a civilian test pilot. His DSC was for actions taken during the Attack on Pearl Harbor but I was unable to find Welch being awarded the MOH. He was indeed nominated for the above, but ultimately disapproved (the reason given was his takeoff was unauthorized-that makes senseo_O)
    Not a good look for the author's credibility.
    Welch though, kinda looks the part.

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