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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by USNA'15, Jul 20, 2010.

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    I attended the first session of NASS and we took the CFA which was submitted to my application. My scores were pretty decent besides my run because I was just recovering from an ankle injury. I was just wondering how I would go about updating the new CFA that I wanted to take? My application says they recieved the scores from NASS but how do I go about getting the official CFA form for my gymnastics coach who would be administering it and how would I update the new scores? I thought I would try and find the solution here since this forum might provide a nice quick answer :)

    Here are my original scores from NASS if anyone wanted to know. I am a female by the way.

    B-ball throw - 45 feet
    Pull-ups - 4
    Shuttle run - 9.8 (?)
    Sit-ups - 85
    Push-ups - 50
    Mile - 8:35 (awful)

    If anyone had any adivce on what I should improve that would be very helpful!
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    I believe that you contact CGO which will "reset" the system such that a new set of scores can be submitted.

    BTW, wait until you are fully recovered to retake the CFA. IOW, don't rush it as a few weeks at this point of the year won't make any difference. And your scores are very good other than the mile, as you recognize. As a female, you want to be at 7:30 and preferably closer to 7:00. The shuttle run is of less importance to USNA.

    Congrats on the 4 pullups, BTW, For a female, that's really great!!:thumb:
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    obviously, the run requires improvement. the only way to get faster is to push yourself to run faster. if you know someone who can assist you with pacing (somewhere around the 7:30, 7min mark as suggested by USNA1985) then run with them as it will help keep your mind off of trying to keep pace yourself.

    But also, learn how to pace yourself, if you road run try to determine where 1/4mi and 1/2mi points would fall in your running path, this way you can determine where you are at the marks and it will help let you know if you need to speed up or you are on pace. Work on sprints as well.

    You'll run the PRT outside usually at O'dark thirty while at the academy. it's going to be bitter cold sometimes, and it's usually always windy, so there is always a leg of the lap you'll be running against the wind and of course it's allways seems to be the longest leg, so take advantage of those windy days and see if you can't still mainatain your mile pace in those conditions.

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