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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by NamD, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Hello community,
    When i applied for the Summer seminar program on February 1st, they also gave me a sports application form to fill out since i notified them that i was a good swimmer. I recently made it to state and got new times for my events. How can i update my file for that? And what are my chances of getting picked as an athlete for USNA? my swim stats are:
    23.8 on the 50 freestyle
    52.8 on the 100 freestyle

    I know they are not that impressive but I believe i can drop much more time next season compared to this season :)
    thank you!
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    I'm also a 2015 candidate who was considering swimming if it were possible. I think that in order to swim for the academy you need to have some incredibly fast times. As in be able to go sub 50 in the 100 free and probably well under sub 23 in the 50. Don't be discouraged by what I'm saying since I guess I don't have the right to do so since I don't personally know you, but keep in mind that USNA is one of the better division 1 swimming schools.
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    Email the swim coach!
    You can find the name and email on the USNA Athletic swim page.

    Inform him of the competition, the pool and your times. If the results are posted online then send the link in the email. As your times improve, keep updating.

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