Dec 5, 2016
My PE teacher submitted the PFE results a few days ago, on my application it shows up as submitted, but the Academy has not checked them off of my account as received, and today is the deadline!
Also, my school has not sent in my Official High School Transcripts yet because I uploaded a scanned copy of my most recent transcript and it states on the application it is only recquired if I am "recommended" for an appointment, however my application shows up as incomplete!
I have been trying to call the Coast Guard Academy and my admissions officer for almost a week, but not one person has picked up the phone.

Can someone please give me some advice?
I would really appreciate it.
As long as you submitted everything on time, don't worry. It usually takes some time for Bears Den to update. Also, you only need the unofficial transcript at this point. DD had the same question and was worried but it eventually got checked off even though it was just the unofficial copy scanned on the application (and the list does say "official"). DON'T WORRY! It'll eventually get updated.