Urine test (remedial)


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Mar 1, 2008
So yesterday I couldn't take my remedial exam (providing urine sample without microscopy) because the clinic did not have any information about me. They couldn't reach Concorde either since they were closed.

I checked back at DoDmets and was somewhat surprised that my time of appointment was reset, asking for that information again. I input the answer, clicked on the save button, but when I checked back a few minutes later, the appointment date was reset again. I can't get this step completed.

Now I'm thinking whether I should've had sent that appointment notification card to Concorde, maybe that's the reason why the clinic couldn't process me.

So the question is, for those who had remedial that required urinalysis, what did you do beforehand? Did you just walk into the clinic with that supposed "appointment card" or did you have to send in that sheet to Concorde? If so, then what would've happened if my appointment occurred before Concorde could send my information to the clinic?
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Hi, BirdKiller...
The whole process with Dodmerb is not easy, but when you understand how they function, it should work smoothly. I am a parent and that is the part of my daughter's ROTC application process where I had to step in and provide support. First of all because my daughter is not 18 yet and they want a parent to be present a appointments and because she had no idea of how to handle the whole remedial and medical record part. There is a wonderful support staff on this website. Retnavy is the Dodmerb expert and he can help you and provide you with specific info. I am also wondering about the whole trip thing. I assume it is because you live in a very rural area. If you don't want to spend a whole day on a bus for a urine test, you always have the option to do it through your own doctor. My daughter's doctor did it for free. You are responsible to send the report to Dodmerb yourself, though.
In the meantime, keep your cool. If possible, it is okay to let your parents help you in that part of the process.
To answer your question about the time it depends on how many remedials Dodmerb will need and how many applications you have going.
Good luck !:thumb:
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If you are having issues with Concorde, call DoDMERB and let them know. They will be able to contact Concorde for you and clear up any issues that there may be.