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    Has anybody had any experience with the US Air Force Explores program and the impact of being involved with this program as it relates to appointment to the Academy? I was at the website of the local program and they had this statement under their FAQ section:

    "The cadet will be immersed in a military environment that they commonly don’t experience in JROTC or CAP. Our curriculum more closely parallels the curriculum offered in the Military Service Academies or Combat Squadrons. They excel at a greater speed due to our more rounded Professional Military Education than what is offered in the other programs. Look at our alumni: 76% of those cadets interviewing for an Appointment to an Academy achieve that goal; while 84% of those cadets interviewing for an ROTC Scholarship receive one. The proof is in the parents and alumni from the past 10 years of dedication and commitment."

    These seem to be very high acceptance rates.
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    While the program may be excellent in learning value and value in admissions, that blurb made me raise the BS flag a bit. The academy is very different from a "combat squadron" (I'm not exactly sure what they are referring to, but I'd assume a fighter squadron or STS type organization), which is going to be different from any mil-civil learning and service program.
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    Honestly, the only information I could find on it online seemed a little sketchy. You're probably better off going with a better known program like CAP or JROTC...both programs will offer more "extra" opportunities, given that this program is really small and seems to only have programs in certain parts of Arizona.

    Those appointment rates might be really high, but they also might be pulling from a very small pool....just my thoughts. Could be an awesome program for all I know, but I've never heard of anyone here who did it (also, the USAFA application certainly doesn't have a section devoted to it like they do the other programs.)
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    I had never heard of them.. but I did read on their website that it is under the auspices of the BSA (Boy Scouts of America)

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