USAFA 4th Class Cadet Willing to Answer Questions

If you are truly an 8th grader, you are putting the cart before the horse. Many boxes to check and hoops to jump through before you need to worry about what to bring. Good luck! My DD had wanted to go to USAFA since 7th grade.
Hello all,

My name is Briana Carter, and I am a freshman here at the United States Air Force Academy. I am fresh out of basic and about two months into the academic year. Having gotten used to things, I've decided to open this thread; I'm hoping this will help as much as it helped me during my application process.

Questions about my academic/athletic standings in high school, CFA scores, BCT experiences, thoughts thus far as a freshman, and so on are all fair game.

Thanks and go Falcons!

Although I'm only in 8th grade right now, I'm very determined to make it into USAFA.

What do you suggest bringing to BCT? So far I've heard just bring a gym bag/duffel with the items on the required list, plus compression shorts and plenty of stamps. Also, what would you suggest that parents bring to acceptance weekend? Any civilian clothes? Athletic shoes, and army boots? Stationary, new underwear, anything for the cadet room? Should they bring me my swimming gear since I plan to swim at the college? (Swimming bag, swim suit, goggles, etc.) Also, should I bring my phone/charger to BCT? Or have my parents bring it to parents weekend. And what abt. headphones, are those permitted? I'm sure you're very busy and I'm asking a bunch of questions, so thanks for even looking at this!!
What was allowed last year wasn't allowed this year and will be mandatory next year. USAFA is constantly changing and packing advice today will be completely irrelevant by the time you make it to USAFA.