USAFA Application Portal Is Now Open for the Class of 2021

Thanks for the advice!! My son's medical was done at the beginning of August and recently showed as Complete-Hold as well. I gave it a week then called today. A forgotten signature by the MD on one of the forms. They are working with the MD to correct the situation. Hopefully that will be corrected soon,

It is just a waiting game for us now. My son's ALO let him know last Spring that he was going to be deployed. His name was still showing up as the ALO. My son contacted someone who then told him to contact the ALO. We received the response that he is still currently deployed, but expects to be back soon. Interview is on hold for now.

Waiting for school to start so we can get a coach/gym teacher to take care of his CFA. ( NY here we don't start until after Labor Day.)

The requests for LOR for the MOC nominations were handed out before school ended. We will be lucky to get them on time without having to chase them down ( previous experience with regular college apps with my older son. He requested his LOR in the spring and the teachers said no problem, but you wont get them till the fall. We sweated it out waiting for them to show up on the common app on time).

Our school will not divulge our GPA or Class Rank until they are good and ready. Sometime in the fall. They will not release an official transcript either. One of our MOC applications is due before Sept 30 ( and we start school on Sept 7). Again, past experience, we will be sweating this one out. Not sure if our school isn't used to the students being organized and getting things done early or what, but we had to practically cattle prod the counselor to get the common app done on time for early action for my older son. My son has spoken to guidance this week, explaining his deadlines and the importance of being on time. No budging. Hubby and I hate to interfere, but it looks like he will be going down there ( as a parent and as an educator) and nicely spelling it out for them and reiterating our deadlines. He is prepared to take it to the top if he has to.

Essays are almost complete. MOC applications at a standstill until we get the transcripts, working on ROTC application....(tough decisions on which schools/majors interest him), Common App in the works for our ROTC and our non-military options ( so many schools , such a big decision for a young man!)