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    Can anyone shed light on expenses during the firstie year at USAFA. Attending Graduation ceremony, firstie pictures, swords, graduation dvd, first salute pictures, gifts, annoucements, etc. Please assist in anything I may have not be aware of.
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    It will vary greatly depending on what you choose to do or not to do.

    The basic costs will be getting there for grad week, somewhere to stay for grad week, and food while you're there. These costs will vary depending on where you stay and how long you're there.

    The graduation ceremony is free, as are the commissioning ceremonies and the parades. Supe's reception, squadron reception, and fiancee reception are free, also. The grad gets one parchment diploma and one engraved diploma for free, but you can purchase more. (I don't remember the costs, we declined.)

    Everything else is optional. We chose to pass on the sabre at the request of our son. We also didn't get the class pistol. The sabre ran between $350 and $700 if I remember correctly and the pistol was $1579.

    Grad photos were about $400 for what we picked, but you can spend $50 or $2500+ if you wanted to. You can even skip this completely. The same goes for grad announcements. I would think that you would have already ordered the announcements by now if you have a Firstie. The grad DVD from AOG was $25 and we also bough a private grad DVD from Sal DiMatteo for $15. Both are very good.

    We did not purchase a grad gift for our son. We did give him a gift but it didn't cost us anything and it was more of a personal thing.

    The only other gift that we had to worry about was for his sponsor parents. We also paid for their meals at all of the grad events and dinners, since they came to everything for him. His sponsor dad also did his commissioning ceremony along with my Uncle (they were USAFA classmates '63) and my son bought them both gifts for doing that.

    Any other expenses would be whatever you choose to spend.


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