USAFA Investigates Athletic Department

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by scoutpilot, Aug 3, 2014.

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    Looks like this article is a bit late to the party. I think after these events, culminating in 2012, Johnson and the Athletic Department have taken steps to turn the tide. The video by the CAASV is encouraging.

    I personally know Troy, and he has a high level of character and integrity. Had the OSI come to him sooner with these allegations, he would not have hesitated to boot these players from the team. Its atrocious what these cadets were doing, and they certainly don't belong at USAFA.

    I'm happy to read that they are buckling down on recruiting policies and making a renewed effort to only admit students of character to both USAFA and the Prep school. The Academies are in such a fishbowl, and a handful of bad apples reflects negatively on the institution as a whole. When tuition is paid by taxpayer money, there is a much higher standard to live up to, but this behavior still makes up a relatively small percentage of the student body when compared to other Universities.
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    And some wonder why many folks say the "baggage" of D1 sports at the SA's is not worth it given the broader mission to create officers...

    "If their numbers aren't that great but there's something else there, there's some leadership, we will take a risk," Mueh said.
    Recruits must have at least a 50 percent chance of "getting through the Air Force Academy," he said.
    A star linebacker, leaders explain, doesn't always come with top grades, perfect morals and high test scores.

    So much for the myth many cling to that all athletes at AFA face just as tough a selection/screening as the rest of the wing. Safe to say that 50/50 odds is not the selection standard for non-ICs.
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