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    Hi! So I've been thinking about which colleges I want to go to and I can't decide whether the USAFA or a civilian school would be better for me.

    I'm currently a sophomore and I got a 30 on the ACT (34 math subscore) as a freshman, and I'm predicted to get a 35 on the ACT according to my PLAN test that I took this year. I'm planning on taking 17 total AP classes throughout high school and I have a 4.2 weighted GPA and 4.0 un-weighted GPA currently (after 1st semester sophomore year). I'm on the varsity swim team (but definitely not good enough for intercollegiate swimming).

    My counselor wants me to focus more on academics rather than sports and apply for a "top tier" university. But I also want to take the USAFA into consideration because it's always been on the top of my list to go to a military school because I've wanted to serve the country (I know it sounds cheesy :) but my uncle was in the USMA and a family friend in the marines and I've been in love with the idea since). Should I just focus more on academics and study to go to a civilian university or start preparing for physical tests and stuff? I'm really literally smack dab on the borderline so I don't know what to do. Any advice or insight would be awesome! Thank you so much!

    ***I'm planning on going into the medical field after college, and I have no problem with serving for 5 years after graduating. Leadership-wise, I founded a club at my school, and I was also president of NJHS and I'm planning on running for NHS president as well as the president of Science Olympiad and the Technology Student Association next year. I'm unfortunately not involved in Girl Scouts. :/ ***
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    You need to evaluate why you want to go to a "military school."
    It's not just a 4 year college, you are expected to serve for a minimum of 5 years in the military after graduation.

    Your academics are great, and if you improve that ACT to a 35, will be outstanding. I don't see how you can focus more on academics when you're already doing well unless difficulty will ramp up the last years of high school.

    If you want to be more competitive for USAFA or even a top-tier you need some leadership experience such as a team captain, club president, Boy's State, etc.

    Once again, what is important is what you'll be doing after college. Figure out what kind of career you want.
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    It is difficult to get into any academy without a sport. To keep the option open, I would suggest continuing with the swim team.

    The "top" universities also like to see someone that is well rounded and not solely focused on academics. The swim team and leadership positions will help you there as well.

    Keep doing what you are doing and you will have some good options to choose from.
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    +1 both AVT and Packer.

    The AFA is unique because they are up front with the applicants regarding how they weight every portion of the admission process aka WCS. 60% is academic, but there is another 40% that needs to be placed into the equation. ECs, including leadership and athletics are part of that equation.

    JMPO, academically you look great, but athletically you are on par. The CFA can shore that up.
    ~~~ As a girl you don't have to do a pull up, but I would suggest to buy a pull up bar for your bedroom door, and use the next few months working on getting to the point that you can push out a few pull ups. I would also run, run, run. The CFA maxxed will help.

    Finally, how much research have you done on what the daily life will be like as an AFA cadet? The more you know, the more confident you will feel come I day 2016.

    Best wishes.
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    Keep your options open.

    If you are currently pulling a 4.0 uGPA, doing sports, and leadership activities, why would you need to focus more on academics? 4.0 of 4.0 doesn't leave much room for improvement!
    Continue to do well in all areas.

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