USAFA Prep School Demographics


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Mar 9, 2018
I admit I am not familiar with this topic at all and was hoping for some basic information while the admission process unfolds:

-Who, specifically and actually, is the USAFA (not any other academy) targeting for their selection for Prep school?

-What ACT/GPA are they looking for? What is too low, what is too high?

-Since a Prep School student is technically enlisted, they have the ability to simply request a nomination from the Air Force, which helps reduce the risk?

-If you do well academically, physically and conduct yourself appropriately - is getting into the regular academy still a big stretch - said another way out of 200 students, how many get appointed an annual basis (not counting those rejected, those who chose to go elsewhere, those that are medical DQ)?

Thanks very much


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Oct 19, 2017
from all of my research, no one really knows the answer to any of these questions.
I know both recruited athletes and non-athletes accepted to USAFA Prep this year from my DS school alone.
I can tell you that my DS did receive a MOC Nomination this year and he will have to compete again for another Nom next year to move onto the Hill.

From what we understand as long as he does well at Prep physically and academically and he gets a Nom next year.. he will get in.