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Jun 19, 2008
I just recently received an opening to the USAFA prep school this past week. I had already made plans to attend George Mason University in Virginia. Being the USAFA I could not turn them down, I accepted. The only problem I am experiencing is that I was recruited as a distance track athlete to attend GMU, but not for the USAFA, primarily because I did not bother to contact the coach after I was denied the appointment to the Academy, makes logical sense not to. Now out of no where, I receive a phone call from the Academy offering me a spot at the Prep school, but not as a recruited athlete. From what I have read into at the Prep school, they do not offer any type of intercollegiate or intramural sport for my running mostly with track. I have tried calling the track coach several times this past week, with no answer, only leaving my basic call back information.
My question is: Does anyone have any information about the sports offered for Prep school cadets? More specifically, related to track & field? I would hate to enter the Academy as a walk-on after spending a year playing flicker offense intended. I'm a All-state distance track athlete, and I firmly believe that my running is how I would most support and represent the Academy as an athlete.
hmmm when I receive my package it did not say anything about track in prep school. All I saw was intercollegiate BBall, Football, and club soccer in the list. Now I could be wron. O and congratualations on your Prep School Acceptance. I guess I'll see you there.
thanks, I was shocked to be offered a spot so late. Just today I received my acceptance letter, strangely enough it had track and cross country offered under the athletics, if anything I can do the blue-chip program. Anyway thats not my highest concern this year. Just make it through, hopefully get that appointment, and survive my 4th class year. Look forward to seeing you at the prep school!
3 weeks out!