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    How does the USAFA determine who they want in the prep school. Is it based on athletics, leadership, academics, or the whole student like the USAFA?
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    It's typically for candidates that USAFA wants but needs some extra work on academics. The two most common examples are recruited athletes who need just a bit more work academically to be successful at USAFA, and prior enlisted service members who have been out of high school for a couple years and need to brush up. A fair percentage are also directs who are not recruited athletes or priors and are usually picked to help improve diversity at USAFA.

    The United States Air Force Academy Prep School's mission is to motivate, prepare, and evaluate selected candidates in an academic, military, moral, and physical environment, to perform successfully and enhance diversity at the United States Air Force Academy.
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    The year at the prep school is to build up your stats for admission (ACT SAT) and build up your basic classroom skills (english-math) so that you can survive the first year...maybe test out of some classes and lighten the load.

    ...and it is completely based on who the academy wants...

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