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    This may a bit off topic and out of the blue.

    I had the pleasure of listening to a USAFA class of '91 graduate speak at a high school convocation this morning. Dr. Christopher Howard was an awesome guest speaker.

    He is President of Hampden-Sydney College and is one of the youngest college presidents in the United States.

    This guy was a dynamic and interesting speaker to high school seniors and parents alike.

    He delivered an inspiring speech that touched on being yourself, be a leader, be humble, have courage and make change happen.

    If you are looking for a key note, motivational, guest speaker, etc... This is your guy.

    Well done AFA. Well done.
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    Couldn't open link from OP.
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    Dr. Howard continues to advise and mentor cadets at USAFA. He met with several students last May to talk about graduate school, major and careers. My DD had to good fortune to get a chance to talk to him. Agreed; he is definitely an exceptional person and a fine representative of USAFA who had a great military career and a distinguished civilian career as well.

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