USAFA Soccer


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Nov 5, 2017
Yesterday, I attended the UMKC(University of Missouri Kansas City) vs USAFA soccer game, and I was very impressed with the character of the Air Force players. As a soccer player and (hopeful) future cadet, it was super exciting and motivating to watch, as the team had so much class.

In the first half, a rather weak shot that went more or less right to the Air Force goalkeeper was botched and the ball rolled into the goal as the keeper failed to catch it. As a goalkeeper my self, I immediately felt for the guy as I have been in that situation all too many times, but it was really motivating how the team picked him up and moved on from the mistake. However, at half time, UMKC was up by one goal because of it, and I could see in the goalie's eyes that he could not let go of that mistake, yet I knew his teammates would continue to encourage him.

As soccer games(or any sport for that matter) go, things got pretty heated in the second half, and arguments, fouls, and unsportsmanlike conduct in the crowd and from players became rampant. However, the Air Force side seemed to stay cool as the home side became increasingly upset(at each other, at the referee, and at the other team), and Air Force was able to bring the game into overtime, and win.

What impressed me the most was not the impressive comeback win, but the class and teamwork the Academy side exhibited. As a soccer player myself, I know how hard it can be to stay calm and collected at those tense times during games when things just don't seem to be going your way, yet they stayed consistent in their sportsmanship. And as a junior in high school, I hope to be a part of that kind of culture in two years, whether I am playing soccer or not.

I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on this kind of topic as well. The idea of class and sportsmanship was, and is, the most important thing to the coaches I have worked with in my life, and is important to me as well. How is this idea incorporated at the Academy? Was anyone else at the game and what were your thoughts on it?