USAFA transfer to AFROTC


Dec 8, 2020
Does anyone know how to do it. Honestly I'm not super serious about it but I'm curious what the process is and have gotten conflicting info from different sources.
To clarify, you are currently a USAFA cadet and want to separate and attend a civilian college with AFROTC? What year are you? More details might help others on this board give you feedback.
If you are a Doolie, I'd wait until after Recognition and re-evaluate. Life gets better at any Academy after first year shenanigans. It is easy to get into a mindset of wanting to leave, especially after a tough week.
So, what is your question? How to separate? How to transfer academic credits to a another university? If you join AFROTC as a freshman? Are you wondering how/if your military training at USAFA follows you?

The fact that you are contemplating leaving is a separate issue/conversation - but what do you mean when you ask "how do to do it?"

I don't have answers to any of these potential questions, still, others might be able to help you if they more information.
I am a sophomore
From another internet source “Transferring to AFROTC is relatively simple. If you’re on good standing with no honor issues, you should be good to go. The most important thing you’ll receive when you leave USAFA is a DD 785 (Recommendation For Future Officer Training). This document is a must have if you are planning on trying commission via another route. Most detachments are hesitant to allow anyone entry into the program with less than a “1” (Highly Recommended) ranking.”

You should confirm which exact courses you’ve taken will transfer and how for college and degree credits- use the new schools transfer credit portal or discuss with the new university.

Confirm with a afrotc detachment what you would transfer as- where you would start in ROTC. The other way around, you start over. Find out and let the board know what you find.

If you’re bright enough to get into USAFA the likely you’re positioned to get strong merit aid. But that varies per school. Fill out the FAFSA and confirm your cost to attend a civilian u after all grants, scholarships and aid.

I believe you would join and compete for an ICSP at the new school but again find out and let the board know. Maybe a detachment would hook you up.

Lastly recommend while at USAFA you compartmentalism and commit to complete this semester in the best standing you can. That’s a win win for you. You can apply/ get your transcripts/ scores together over break if you wish. And I would keep your doubts out of too many conversations. Sometimes if it’s clear you may leave they may help you do it sooner than you want. Leave on your own terms. Love the one you’re with for now.

Good luck.