USAFA Waiting Page C/O 2028

Thank you so much for your reply. I do appreciate it. It is interesting that you said she should email team blue but according to her emails, she is supposed to contact team silver. Is there a difference?

I failed to mention that she did attend Summer Seminar and does have extracurriculars as well. She was in a sport all 4 years of HS of which 3 years were on the Varsity team. She has been apart of PALS for 2 years (Program at school which focuses on working with elementary, middle, and high school age youth), NHS for 3 years, worked part time Junior/Senior year and also has several current certifications of which one is a first responder certification so that she can be apart of our local area emergency response team. The waiting has been hard and we are losing hope. Not sure if we should start looking at plan b and getting everything in order for that.
I meant that I had emailed team blue, but you should email whoever team it says for you. I was just relaying what team blue told me since contacting your team could yield a different result, hope that clears up any confusion.
This is very reassuring. Thank you so much. It has been a very stressful time. So the wait continues… 😅

Do you by chance know why some have a blue team contact and others have a silver team contact?
Team Blue vs Team Silver are geography based. One is East and the other West.
In 2022 for the Class of 2026 I know there was a large wave of admissions decisions that were released on April 18. I also know that feels like forever away sitting at April 2, but I would suspect they are getting close to releasing another big wave soon. Hang in there if you are still waiting! It is brutal and the anxiety of not knowing is so real, but try to enjoy the last weeks of your senior year.
I do think (hope?) that there are a lot of appointments still to come, but I don't think 2026 is a good example. They rolled out the new application portal that year so everything was delayed.

We might just be seeing a difference with Col. Pipes feeling out her new position. It seems like not as many appointments came out on March 20th as I thought there would be. That could just be a SAF anomaly, but I sure hope we'll see another big drop in the next couple of weeks.
Has anyone heard anything from admissions lately? Seems pretty quiet around here again this week.
Yesterday I sent in some of my recent accomplishments to Team Blue and got a response last night saying “thank you for the update, it has been added to your file” does this mean that admissions has not viewed my file?

I received a medical waiver at the beginning of february but have heard nothing since with the exception of last night.
I feel like every day that goes on my chances go down.
You’ve got this. That’s exactly how I feel about USNA, which is my number one 😞 it’s not over until it’s over. Appointments still go out until the last day, and even beyond that
What changes on the application portal when you receive a decision? On what screen is the decision presented? Right now all my DS sees is his application completion