USCG Cutter TERN featured on Super Bowl

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    The Cutter TERN (WPB-87343) an 87 foot defender-class coastal patrol cutter was featured on the Super Bowl pre-game Deceleration of Independence. The HD version is posted on You Tube at:

    In today's video, Lieutenant J. G. Matthew D. Pekoske, a 2008 graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy and commanding officer of the TERN, is featured reading part of the Deceleration of Independence.

    The TERN is home-based at San Fransisco and is a Protector-class cutter with a crew of 10. The ship will do 26 knots and can launch there boarding boat without stopping. The ship is armed with two .50 cal machine guns and small arms. The ship can stay at sea for 5-days unsupported and is tasked with anti-narcotics, homeland security, and boarder patrol missions. :thumb:
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    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!:thumb:

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