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    Hello Internet,

    I have just completed my USCGA application and wanted to know where I stand as of this point. My High School GPA is 3.9, I have taken at least four AP, or Honors Classes each year. I am apart of the Mountain Bike and Golf teams. My ACT is 31 (English-25 Math-28 Reading-36 Science-33) and my SAT is 1410. I received a score of 225 on my PFE (100 Sit Ups, 44 cadence Push Ups, 11:58 Mile and a half run). I also attended Colorado Boys State, and have 550 community service hours. I am apart of three school clubs/programs. I have completed my USCGA interview and I believe it went very well. I am not sure if this has any influence, but I did receive a Nomination from my Congressman to West Point. I don't expect anyone to know the answer to whether or not I will get in, but any advice, or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I am a Cleveland Browns fan, so if that has an impact on my admission chances that would also be good to know.
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    It all sounded good until you got the the Browns part. It doesn't affect your chances at all, but I think it's important for the rest of us to draw together in support of you and extend our sympathies.

    No one knows what'll play from year to year, but your resume looks fine and if you've done all you can then it's time to sit back and enjoy your senior year.
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    If your file is already in and you do not intend to reapply THEN STOP READING. This assessment can only tell you what to improve on if you are not accepted and intend to try again. If you are truly looking for an honest assessment here it goes. You combined your SAT number, so I don't know what your math score was. The academy is still a STEM heavy school and math is important. Your ACT scores for math and English are below average, but if your math SAT score is 700 then it should be OK. I don't see anything about a varsity letter. Over 80% of those accepted have a varsity letter. Also both your sports are individual and the academy tends to value team sports more heavily. Your 1.5 mile run time is below average. As you are from Colorado, then you are probably at high elevation, but most accepted male candidates do it in under 10. So if you are not accepted you need to find a way improve your ACT/SAT scores and work on your running. If you are a white male from an affluent area then those SAT/ACT scores need to be in the 75th percentile.
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    Hmm. Looking at your academics (Test Score) and Run Time, don’t submit your ACT. That’s a deal killer. USCGA will rate your ACT at 27 Composite. They don’t count R and S. You have to work on your Grammar and Algebra. Otherwise you will have a very tough time doing Calculus at USCGA. Submit your SAT only if thats your best score. I hope your Math is above 700. Your run time is way too slow. You should really come in within 10:30. You’re a male and I know your 1.5 mile run time 11:58 is fail or D at USNA and have to believe it is about the same at USGCA. 10:30 is a B. Your PFE 225 is B. So you’re safe there.

    Also for West Point they want your English and Math to be 30 or above. Your 25 English is a problem. Your Math 28 if from a non competitive district you might be ok. But don’t bet on borderline scores. Again submit your SAT only to WP. I hope you took Writing and did better. I hope your Writing pairs to your Reading Score. I don’t get it how you can score 36 on Reading and get 25 in English. With 36 Reading Academies can expect 11-12 on Writing. What’s your Writing? Writing is required at USCGA USMA.
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    The Coast Guard Academy only considers the whole score on the PFE.