USCGA scholar program?

My DS is in the current CGAS program. They call this opportunity “the golden ticket” because of the experience these kids get before going into the academy. I can not say enough about what a wonderful program this is and how great the CG administrators are. You learn how to balance the military life, academics, and sports while getting the support to learn, grow, and fall down a little. In addition they brought in leadership speakers and took them on a lot of battalion trips. NAPs is the Naval Academy’s prep school so the majority of kids were Navy (300 kids and 19 were coasties). It was a nice opportunity to also have the Navy experience and my son has made lifelong friends with his Navy buddies. We had concerns about the differences at the beginning but everyone becomes at “Napster” from Day 1 and they all have each other’s backs.
We spoke with several prep kids before my son accepted his CGAS slot and everyone said they are so thankful they had this growth year and how well it prepared them for the academy. Ten months into it and I know my son feels the same way!
My son was in the program. He is now a LTJG. Several of his CGAS classmates will be OPS and XO on cutters in the Persian Gulf, as well as shoreside billets there. These assignments are coveted right now, and the number of CGAS graduates that have them speak to the program.