Username Issues?


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Apr 14, 2020
So I was browsing a thread that was made a couple years ago and I had a similar problem
I do not think that I was given a username or password to login to the CIS and I applied to the Summer Seminar but I didnt have the best SAT scores at the time and wanted to improve it before actually submitting my preliminary application for the Class of 2025. However I looked on the website and it says
"If you successfully submitted an application for our 2020 Summer Seminar program, that will serve as your preliminary application for the Class of 2025 and you do not need to apply through this website. "
So this means that my preliminary application is already submitted but I'm concerned about updating my application with more accurate information.

Note: I know my application to the summer seminar was received
So my main question is
How should I/Am I able to update my application information when I take the SAT again?
(I'm unsure if Im just being done but I tried going to the navy's websites to reset my password or username and it says my email address cannot be found but I put in the one I submitted my Summer Seminar application)
Check your junk mail or maybe a different email. Contact USNA tech support
I’m fairly certain that later on they will send you information once you are an official candidate I don’t remember getting a portal until they sent me that email. I remember having the same concern as you last year when I applied for SS. They will email you saying that your an official candidate and give you your candidate ID and password and other information. However, to update a preliminary application that’s already been submitted you can try contacting the USNA admissions.