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I think it's pretty obvious at this point that this guy is just trying to troll us. I think we should all just try not to let him waste any more of our time.
Here, Yellowfellow, look at it this way.

You've gotta take the positive out of everything, because everything happens for a reason. You've got a very long path ahead of you. Some people take criticism differently, and that's okay, because everyone is different in between their ears. But, not everyone knows how you think or why you think that way. Everyone on here is doing all that they can to help you, because I can guarantee just about everyone on here wants you to succeed, which is why this thread is so active. I know that my appointment to USNA is not guaranteed, but I'm still going to take all the help I can get and offer all the help I can give to everyone else competing for a slot. Why? Because that's integrity. As for why I brought that up, you need to realize that being sassy and a smart mouth is not very intergrous, nor will cadet cadre or anyone else in your life appreciate it.

So basically what I'm getting at here is;
Take whatever bit of positive you can get out of the most negative. It makes you happier, realizing that the people on here only want to make you a better person, mentally and morally. And, seriously dude, watch your tone.
But I'm only 13, so what do I know?
Only 13 years old but still less temperamental and single-minded than the people that have commented on my thread.
I left my computer for a couple hours, and was not disappointed by what I came back to... ha!
As someone who has had the outstanding pleasure of working the "footprints" before, I'm going to tell you now that you can expect that the cadre will go out of their way to find out who you are at this point.
I hope you are ready for several bus rides and a very long summer...
Take it how you wish, OP, but these people are only trying to help you. You will meet lots of failure, criticism, setbacks, etc. regardless of what you end up doing in life. If these people didn't care about helping you out, trust me, they would just ignore your posts.

A quote from one of my favorite movies: "There are no two words in the English language more harmful than 'good job.'"
Yellowfellow, please take a step back, a deep breath and calm down. I know you're feeling attacked and very defensive right now.

Everyone understands the stress that you're going through. They understand the frustration. They even understand that you may say things in your youthful exuberance that may not be well thought out.

You do realize that you are telling people, many of whom are members of the military, how to give advice? Wisdom is knowing when to be quiet and listen. Intelligence is being able to take that information and process it to your benefit. I suspect you're very intelligent. I do question your wisdom (not a slam -- just a product of your immaturity). That wisdom will come with more experience. Being the intelligent person I think you are, it will be most wise to start listening to those who have the experience.

So I have a bit of wisdom for you: Don't poke the bear (cadre).
I will try and be gentle with this because I can see that you are upset.

If you cannot exercise enough self restraint to avoid making snide comments about people who have offered you accurate and honest advice from behind a keyboard, you will find it impossible to conduct yourself appropriately when you have cadre screaming in your face. And if you continue to demonstrate a disregard for deadlines and due dates, you will find yourself in that position VERY often. If you continue to display this attitude of, quite frankly, disrespect you will not make it here.

Something you will learn quickly, if you last more than 24 hrs, is that you know absolutely nothing about the Academy, much less the military. The cadre will not be as forgiving as the members of this forum if you dare to think yourself so important. Your job will be to learn, and to be successful you will need a major attitude adjustment. Because the attitude you have displayed has no place at this Academy or in our military.

I say all of this to you with the hope that you will reevaluate yourself and come prepared to be a humble student. The cadre have much to teach your class, and if you do not avail yourself of their...'help', you will be left behind.

One last thing, learn to pick your battles. This was an unintelligent move, but still one that can be recovered from. Hope to see you on A Day.

As many of the above ladies and gentlemen have implied...posting to this forum is NOT as anonymous as one might think, hope, believe.

If you, Yellowfellow, are truly an appointee, I wish you the best.

However, I hope my DD does not end up in your squadron for her sake and yours. Although, if she did, she and other appointees/basics will be the first to try to "help" you before the cadre takes it out on the entire unit; your peers' tolerance will probably be less than your leadership team's.

I'm very tempted to have my DD read this entire thread, and see if she can relate your "anonymity" with one of the persons on the 2020 Appointee Facebook page (if you exist in that group) so she and the many others who have worked so hard and are still working hard to maintain their academic and moral character have a "heads up" on one of their classmates.

As some of the cadre have already stated, they WILL be looking for you in a few short weeks.
If I was you, I would hope that Rep Sean Maloney of NY-18th district doesn't publish his service academy nominations any time soon, because there's only going to be a limited number of people on that list with nominations to West Point and USAFA.

A quick Google search shows that Rep Maloney typically posts the nomination/appointee lists in early to mid June each year. But, I'm sure someone has already checked this.
Yes, you never know who is viewing this forum. Really. I think Yellowfellow gets the point. At this point I hope the moderator will be kind enough to delete this thread, for it is serving no purpose.
As someone who referenced this site many times in addition to the admission site, These people have a lot of insightful knowledge, especially considering the fact that we ask the same types of questions every year. It seems like they honestly want to help us, so we don't make mistakes that they have seen others make. If you don't like what they say, you can always ignore it, but that probably wouldn't be smart.
I have to say, as I have read this thread, I can't tell you how much I agree with Cerberi, as my DD received TWE in April, she maxed out her physical test, with the exception of basketball throw. Last night recognized during honors night with a GPA of 103.07, team captain of her swim team! 7th in her class... Her congressman, her ALO, the Colonel of the JAFROTC all said she was highly competitive great resume. She has a TWE, wanted AFA more than she ever wanted anything in her life. She swims HS and club, 3000 to 5000 yards 6 days a week... A stellar young lady! As many are who received TWE!

My heart goes out to kids like your daughter. So many things are out of our control.

You know she will be a success, but that success will be through her plan B.

Good luck to her!
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