Using DoDMets provider versus private for waiver

My son was recently asked to complete a series of tests for a USMA waiver. Are we making a mistake if we go with a private doctor? The first set of tests that led to the DQ and waiver process were completed through the DoDMets provider. We were shocked at the results, as they indicated a medical situation that we were unaware of. The provider didn't go over results or give any consultation. We would like to use our private provider for the next round of testing, so that we may gain an understanding of any underlying medical issues. We are also worried about timing. The initial DoDMERB physical was September 1st. He has been quick to respond to every AMI or remedial, but the process is really dragging on. Will we be harming the chances of getting a waiver and appointment by using a private provider?


Can't speak to waiver but we used private Dr. for remedial after multiple hassles with Concorde.

IMHO avoid Concorde [DoDMERB contractor] as they are not the best about submitting things in a timely fashion. I cannot speak to other DoDMERB recommended physicians for your specific case.

As long as your paperwork specifically allows you to use your personal physician I would go this route. They will take the time to listen, read the requirements for tests / diagnosis / evaluation etc, and you can probably pick up lab results and other paperwork / letters in person and submit them to DoDMERB immediately. You could even read what they wrote and ask them to clear up any ambiguity etc.

I scanned the lab results and physician's forms and emailed next day for my DS remedial.

Good luck with your waiver!
Thank you! We used Concorde for first round and that is where we would have to go for this as well. Concorde seemed to be a very questionnable provider to us, and that is why we want to avoid them this time around!


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Agree completely with midwestDad. I personally would not stake the results of the situation at hand with a Concorde selected doctor. Best advice I received when we went through remedial and waiver process was to find a doctor we felt comfortable with and, if possible, find one that is service related (army, navy, AF) as they understand the military and what you are going through and the DODMERB process.
Thank you all! We are using a private doctor. Now for more waiting. First round of testing complete and can't get second round until March 9th. The time frame is getting long and extra nerve wracking.


Make sure you get authorization from DoDMETS prior to using your own provider. It should be just a formality and is will not matter who you use. And I agree, the competence of the two Concord providers DS used last year let a lot to be desired. I would never use them for anything medically important.